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Charity No: 1067127          Patron Ken Loach

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Are you homeless?


The contacts for our local Councils are:

02476 376376

02476 382153 (out of hours)

01827 715341

01827 718086 (out of hours)

01788 533533

01788 579706 (out of hours)

01789 267575

01789 267575 (out of hours)

01926 456446

01926 339577 (out of hours)

If you have been in care for 13 weeks or more since the age of 14 you may be able to get help from social services (if you are aged 18-21, this will have to include some time while you were aged 16/17).

WCC 01926-410410

WCC (out of hours) 01926-886922

Other handy numbers:

Coventry Foyer (Supported accommodation 16-25 years (02476 251001)

Coventry Cyrenians Direct Access Hostel (02476 525155)

YMCA (low supported accommodation 18-25 years (02476 597009

Chase Hotel – local connection to Coventry (02476 302694

Coventry Council - (0500 834333)

Shelter Housing Advice helpline – 0808 800 4444 (free, 8am – midnight)

Runaway helpline – 116 000 Freephone (free, 24 hours, aged 17 and under)

NSPCC child protection helpline – 116 000 Freephone (free, 24 hours)

Message home helpline – 116 000 Freephone (free, 24 hours, aged 18 and over)

Childline – 0800-1111 (free, 24 hours) 02476 011770

Some of the numbers on this page may not be free from a mobile, so it may be worth trying from a landline first. Please don’t be afraid to call one of these numbers and get advice, people are there who can help you.   

The Police are also helpful and may know of local places to go if you are unable to contact anyone. Unfortunately Doorway is unable to offer an out of hours service at present.

Are you homeless?

Are you about to become homeless?

Unless you are at risk it is much better to stay at home and try to leave in a planned way. Doorway can help you to plan this and it may mean you can stay longer until your situation is resolved.

If you do have to leave home in a hurry, ask family and friends if you can stay with them until something is sorted out. It may be worth going back home and talking things through. Contact Doorway as soon as you can for advice about this.  Either call in to our drop-in centre between 10 am and 3.30 pm Monday – Friday at  25-27 Dugdale Street, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV11 5QJ, contact us on 02476 345583 or email us at

To help you manage on your own it is important that you take as many of the following items as possible to help you obtain accommodation and apply for benefits if needed:

Passport, birth certificate, National Insurance number, driving licence (if you have one), medication, address book, toiletries, change of clothes, cheque book, bank cards and benefits letter.

If you have nowhere to stay tonight:

In the first instance you should contact your local council for advice. There is an out of hours number for evening emergencies. It is best to contact them as soon as possible. When telephoning, make it clear that you have nowhere to stay tonight and need to speak to a Homelessness Officer.