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Preventing Youth Homelessness

Experience has shown that most young people living alone for the first time become overwhelmed by the responsibility of having a tenancy. The younger they are the more evident this is. Therefore at our first meeting with young people we ask them to consider whether it is possible to remain at home.

We find that some young people return home after a 'cooling off’ period. Doorway has received funding for emergency accommodation for a 'crash pad’. This gives young people a place to stay for a couple of nights in an emergency whilst trying to help them resolve their situation.

Young people who are on our waiting list are asked to attend a New Home Workshop. This helps them to prepare for living alone by learning about budgeting, bills, tenancy agreements, personal safety as well as Doorway services.

The Youth Homelessness Prevention Programme in schools ensures that the prevention agenda starts at an early stage within the school environment. As well as getting young people to explore the issues related to leaving home, it brings to their attention the services that might be available should they be threatened with homelessness. This programme gives us the opportunity to work with young people under the age of 16 who are having difficulties at home. Please contact us if you would like Doorway to deliver this session on 02476-586929 and ask for Lyndsey Sanderson.

Young Person and Parent Mediation

When can mediation help families?

When can mediation help families?

When parents or young people request help as relationships have become so difficult that the young person is considering leaving home or the parent/ carer is considering asking the young person to leave. When families need or request help in developing skills to handle conflict more effectively.

When relationships between parents and their children have broken down or are deteriorating. When young people reaching adolescence are seen to have a change in attitude which affects their behaviour at home or at school. They may also show signs of deterioration in their school work. During these difficult times, relationships with parents can be seriously affected.

What you can expect -

Where it is clear that mediation is not the service the family requires, we will endeavour to identify, signpost and help people to access the most appropriate services available to them.

If you would like to discuss mediation further please contact -

Janine Curtis

Advice Service Manager


25 – 27 Dugdale Street


CV11 5QJ

024 7634 5583






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