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Doorway works with local private landlords who have flats, bedsits and rooms in shared houses for young people on Doorway's waiting list. We have good links with other housing providers such as Bromford Housing, Chapter 1, Fry Housing Association, Coventry Foyer and the local Councils. We can help you access emergency accommodation.


Advice sessions take

place at different

venues and last about

45 minutes. This will

help us find out how to

give you the best

possible advice

depending on your

situation. If we agree

that private landlords

is unsuitable we will refer you to another provider with your agreement.

Whilst on the waiting list we will ask you to attend a New Home Workshop so that you can think about what you need to do before you start to live alone.


You may get support if you have privately rented, Council, housing association accommodation or sometimes whilst you are still at home. A Housing Support Worker will help you apply for any benefits you may be entitled to, give you advice on paying your bills, managing money and offer advice on healthy living on a low income. The support is tailored to your individual needs.

Other things you might be helped with are furnishing your home with essential items, referrals to drug and alcohol agencies, social activities with others who may have shared experiences.

Independent living

The transition to independent living is aided through specific support centred on your needs; it is a gradual process with the journey being different for each person. A support plan is drawn up to help you and your support worker to highlight specific goals and address particular needs that may hinder this process.

Many aspects of independent living are explored ranging from practical and emotional needs for example effective budgeting, how to take care of a home and anger management through to assistance with appropriate vocational, educational and/or employment opportunities and help in finding affordable housing. Independent living skills are developed through 1:1 support sessions and group work in addition to the Life wise modules that are offered by Doorway. Once support has ended you will have developed the skills to effectively manage a home and live independently.


Through Centrepoint Partnering we have been supported to deliver AQA accredited Lifewise modules.  Centrepoint have developed the courses and provided staff training so that our staff are qualified to deliver the courses.

There are a variety of courses available to you at Doorway and it is guaranteed at least one will peak your interest. The courses are designed to help you develop not only your knowledge but yourself as a whole improving confidence, making new friends and enjoying whilst achieving. Dedicated staff members will work with you to establish your needs and find the most suitable course for you; the courses that are run by our staff team or through one of our partner agencies and have included:

Most courses are accredited by a recognised body e.g. AQA, ASDAN and City & Guilds, with more being added all the time.

Job Wise

Doorways Jobwise is a fresh approach to tackling youth unemployment and explores the many barriers that young people face when trying to find employment.  Jobwise looks at a wide range of issues on unemployment and tackles these issues head on to empower young people to find employment.  

Young people attend Jobwise skills workshops and within these sessions we look at the benefits of working and breaking down the barriers to employment.  Some of the sessions include theory, such as CV skills and interview skills and how to apply for jobs.  This is then complemented by proactive practical tasks such as mock interviews and actually applying for jobs in a group to tackle confidence issues.  After the workshops, young people have a strong, improved CV and more confidence when approaching organisations for employment.

Jobwise identifies what the young person is interested in and looks at additional training, education or work experience opportunities for them.  In addition, through grants, Doorway fund ‘employment tools’ such as CSCS cards, work clothes/boots and training courses to maximise the chances of the young person gaining employment. We also have our own Dress to Impress scheme where young people can come to Doorway for interview dress for starting employment and for job interviews.

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